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“We don’t read it (manga), we feel it. “Tetsuya Chiba.  

I create manga, (comics, sequential art, whatever you want to call it) because for me, it is the perfect art form for expressing intense emotions.



DollArtBook020028A world of living dolls, share their dreams and stories.





Fractured Butterflies

fbsmallcoverXerces lives in a world where reality and dreams collide. Since he was a child, he’s seen things that could not be real, which leads to him being institutionalized. But while in a session the nightmare reaches across the void threatening to destroy everyone around. Fractured Butterflies asks the question what if everything ever imagined existed in another dimension?


Infinite Blossom

infiniteblossomSmallChibale and Daisuke Emyr are two adorable catboys who live in the woods, and all the things that keep trying to capture or kill them.




Legacy of Light

LightofDayArtBookCover Once Upon a time a war began between darkness and light, the soldiers in this were angels and demons. In the last great battle between the two, the balanced changed forever.For the first time the Dark Empire won, resulting in complete devastation for the Angel Kingdoms. As a last resort the chiavo was used to seal off the Empire of light, and the demons have been seeking a way in ever since. While this was going on the demon lord Mezine and high angel princess, Star fell in love, setting off events they could never imagine.


Songbirds Saga

LTF cover1 Small A tale of pretty boys & poetry.  Gavin Star, has the looks & the voice of an angel, he is the love child of a famous rock duo, the Shining Stars. After their deaths he is sent to live with his cruel uncle who crushes any any dreams he had of following in his parents footsteps. Enter Zione Cole who believes Gavin’s voice is the missing piece for his band. Once he meets Gavin he realizes that he wants him for more than his voice. Gavin is drawn to Zione as well, but just as they form a bond, dark secrets from the past threaten to end the music before it starts.

Visual Poetry

tosod.k.coverS Not manga, but an experiment combining images and poetry to express feeling.

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