Even finishing up my current projects is going to take a while. All my books have been flops to put mildly, but I hate unfinished stories, so that’s why I’ll conclude them the best I can.  This is one of the final pages of  The Light of Day from the Legacy of Light Series. There are seven more books/volumes planned but I’ll look back at this story after I wrap up all other projects.  My main focus will being building my portfolio for the new direction I’m heading in.

 This is xposted from my deviant art journal.

I decided to store my ‘personal’ works on flickr and facebook, so I can focus more on professional (paying) work. Which is commission work like chibi sketches and dolls.   I also hope that by working on other projects, I can improve my own work as well.
The black and white chibi sketches are $10, which covers the sketch plus a digital copy. 
Dolls start at $16+, pony dolls are $18+ because of the detailing, I basically have to embroider those cutie marks 

I’ll eventually do sequential art pages (story books and comic books) for about $50? This covers full grey scale and lettering, this is a really good price. 
And novel covers for $50-75.  For a large project I’m open to negotiation.