So happy that some of my favorite shows (and major influences on my art) are back (or at least on Netflix), My Little Pony, Transformers and Jem.  I was pleasantly surprised by the current versions of MLP and TFP. Tho’ I wonder if all the sparkles  in MLP:FIM is some kinda of mind crack, cause that show is addictive. It’s spawned this huge fandom that I’m too shy to interact with :/ Plus they make me feel old.
Gives me hope for a Jem cartoon some day.  TFP I love so much, but I’ve been an  Optimus fangirl, since back in the day (he was my first hero).
I mean I watched those movies, for him, if that isn’t love I don’t know what is. I like how he’s has doubts and vulnerabilities but is still heroic and so steadfast in his beliefs. After a bazillion years of war, you’d think he’d be jaded. If it were me I’d just take a fukitol and call it day. And Starscream, is well a scream. I normally don’t like such screwed up characters, but he’s got a certain wicked charm to him. I really like Rescuebots as well, even though it has a serious prime deficiency On a side note I’m still drawing the final issue of Broken Wings, I’ll post some pages in the next update..