So Black Friday is tomorrow, for people crazy brave enough to go out be safe and be nice to the store workers. They are not getting paid enough as it is. But I recommend  keeping calm and shopping handmade. I have a lot of Etsy favorites here my buddies and I are here. Seriously I could not begin to list the awesome unique handmade gifts available for great prizes.
Lulu is having a store wide sale as well as Deviantart Doll lovers check out the Junkyspot
I have free ebooks tomorrow from the kindle store, you do NOT need a kindle to read these books, you can download the kindle reader software from Amazon.

One Last Thing (visual poetry)
Fractured Butterflies (shoujo horror)
I haven’t decided if I’ll do anything for my Etsy shops, I never get sales on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, but I could just be getting lost in the crowd.

I had a good Thanksgiving, I was a little under the weather so just chilled and played the MLP game, which is rather addictive.