More about my influences, which is basically me fangirling over stuff I like.  One of my favorite artists to listen to while I’m drawing is Gackt. So why do I love Gackt? Let me count the ways… In my defense, I liked his music before I saw him. I bought Mizerable at a convention and I was pretty much doomed from there…instant eargasm. Then I looked him up on line, it should be illegal to look that good…eyegasm. And then I read translations of his lyrics, and there’s actual depth to them…heartgasm. Oh and he plays a bunch of instruments and has been in movies, and I could go on but this is blog, not a thesis paper O_O I did manage not to stalk, er compulsively collect and follow everything Gackt,  because I have books to write and art to draw. To see him in concert is on my bucket list, though.   I’ve embedded “Last Song” which I listened to while working on some scenes, like the end of the Prom in Antea Camena,  amongst others.