Here is the con stuff so far
Freecon status rejected for the artist alley, so I applied for a vendor table and waiting…
Altcon status accepted, woo-hoo! I will be at table A-17, with books, art, dolls, etc. I will  put up a listing on Etsy, for anyone who wants to order dolls or commissions & pick them up in person.
Metrocon I got in I will be at table E11!
Paracon I submitted an app and am waiting to see if I was accepted.
I apologize in advance if I come across er, rude, I have issues, don’t take it personally. I do okay at conventions, maybe because so much is happening and I get distracted from freaking out.

Broken Wings issue 4, is pushed back again, all do to Gothic Sugar. She was kind enough to beta what I’ve done so far, and I suck at grammar so much, I’m have to re-letter most of it.  I thank everyone who is reading the story in spite of all my mistakes. Then issue 5 will be delayed since I will spend March making stuff for my upcoming conventions.