Freecon, not getting an artist alley table was a good thing 🙂 I got to enjoy the con as an attendee, instead. I sat in some pretty fun panels. Hello Kitty, Ghost hunters? and Transformers. For SOME reason  the Transformers panel was at the same time as the My Little Pony panel :/  I was just going to run between the two, but the girls running transformers were amazing and I sat through the whole thing.  And I think there were more girls at the Transformers panel than the MLP one. I’ve been an MLP fan for 30 years (yes I’m old) don’t remember all these boys being around before. Oh well the more the merrier, ponies are pretty cool after all.  And FIM is just fabulous. I really wanted to hate it on principal , but I couldn’t. I mean who could hate Fluttershy?  The dealers room was great but packed and I was about to pass out from the crowd, but is was so much fun. All my schwag was posted to instagram to the side there.

Altcon, I was crying because I actually broke even with sales. I was also extremely lucky to to have awesome people at the tables around me. The meat menaa&a artistries and Keropanda & Duckie Corp.  I managed to socialize without spazzing which was nice.

I was so proud of myself for getting everything ready for the con and then didn’t realize it opened up at 8:30. So I was late as usual. Now that I’m refreshed I will buckle down and drawn the final issue of Broken Wings and prepare for Metrocon.