Momocon is next week I’ll be at Green 24. I also released two artbooks (basically collections of art, poems and scenes) that are now on in the amazon kindle store.  I will have about 4 copies of each for the convention. I will also be selling dolls, stickers, and necklaces. Stop by and say hi if you’ll be there. I really need people to fangirl with about all the Sailor Moon that is about to hit us.

Light of Day Art Book CoverSolar Chiara with theme song
Mezine with poemlight of day page

Fly Away With MeFAWM pageFawm page 2Fawm page

The Light Art Book has material from my magical series, Legacy of Light.  The Fly Away With Me Art Book has material from my boyslove romance Songbirds.
You can read the Songbirds online here. Once I finish up with that one, I’ll start Legacy of Light, since so the far that has the most (and only votes) to  be my next webcomic.  It’s a couple hundred pages, so that will pretty much taker care of the next two years of my life 🙂