Chrysalis drawn by nraMaking final preparations for the con. I wasn’t procrastinating for a change I just got a lot of orders in my store in the last month 🙂 which are all going towards my computer fund.  I will be selling the usual, dolls, dog tags, stickers,  books and prints.  If you’re going, stop by and say hi 

This is my last con for the year so I can get back to drawing comics. I really want to finish three more books this year.

Infinite Blossom-This is my current project about the catboys.
Unseen, this will be the second Fractured Butterflies book. It’s a flashback to when Xerces and Dr. Singh meet.
Dreamcaster Kiara, this actually takes place in the same universe as Fractured Butterflies. It’s a magical girl story about people (dreamcasters) who can cross over into the dream world and prevent nightmare monsters from manifesting in the real world.

As of now I’m not sure which conventions I’ll attend in 2015, I wanted to go to Megacon, but they sold out before I could get the money together.