There’s a lot that goes into creating sequential art whether it’s a scrolling webtoon or a traditional book format. But they both fall under sequential art.

I have a short attention span, so I need a system to get things done. Usual disclaimer, there is no right way to make comics, just whatever works for you

Phase One
– Script
– Type up dialogue.
– Storyboards

Some people just draw the storyboards first or skip them. The important part of phase one is it includes all the pre-work before you start drawing the story. I type up the dialogue before hand to get rid of typos.

Phase Two
– Sketch out pages/panels. (Fun part)
– Correct sketches (Not so fun part)
– Final line drawing
– Inks ( I skip this part sometimes)
– Shading or coloring

For me phase two covers the analogue part. I know some people work digitally from the start so this may not apply to them. Though I do most coloring digitally now.

Phase Three
– Scan in or take a pic
– Edit artwork in an art program
– Final lettering
– Final touches
– Publish to print and or web.

Phase three is basically my iPad phase. I managed to buy an older iPad on sale and the apple pencil. It was still cheaper than buying a new computer that would fit my needs. I use the procreate app and the basic clipstudio paint app.

Do I follow these steps every single time? No, but it helps me finish books. I really started these posts because of so many people saying they wanted to create a comic or webtoon but felt lost. The way I work isn’t for everyone, but hopefully it will be helpful to some people.